May 07, 2019 / by Sergey Kapustin

Modbus API Generator to Access RuiDeng DPS Power Supply

While working on a steering mechanism for my robot, I wanted to record the current draw of the motors. The data would give me a rough idea about the friction in the mechanism so as to decide whether I need a different motor controller or different ideas. How can I go about collecting the data?

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January 09, 2018 / by Sergey Kapustin

Custom Protocol For Serial Link Communication

For my current project, after considering a couple of options, I chose to develop a custom communication protocol to connect two programs: one runs on Arduino and another on a Raspberry Pi (RPi). In this post, I’d like to share my experience of going through the development process.

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December 18, 2017 / by Sergey Kapustin

Adc Auto Trigger Median Filter Analysis

Have you thought of how to filter the data coming from an analog sensor? In this post, I describe:

  • Problem with sensor measurements
  • Way to auto-trigger analog data collection
  • Median and mean filter application
  • Analysis of sample data

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December 06, 2017 / by Sergey Kapustin

Ir Noise Capacitor And Power

After connecting an infrared sensor to my Arduino, I noticed that an ultrasonic sensor, which is connected to the same board, started reporting inconsistent measurements. The investigation took me a few hours, but now I know better to pay attention to the power requirements for electronic components.

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December 04, 2017 / by Sergey Kapustin

Ultrasonic Sensor Range Update

MaxSonar sensor can continuously update my Arduino program with the range values. Instead of writing serial, blocking polls to get the sensor’s data, I let the sensor push it to the Arduino.

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November 27, 2017 / by Sergey Kapustin

Ros Arduino Integration

ROS has good messaging system that uses publisher/subscriber model. My project requires an Arduino to talk to a ROS network. Rosserial for Arduino exists to enable such communication. My previous attempt to use rosserial on Atmega168 was not successful due to 1 kilobyte SRAM limit on the Atmega. This time, I will use Atmega2560 with 8 kilobytes of SRAM.

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