Bus Adapter Diagram

Bus Adapter

Bus Adapter allows to generate cross-platform C++ library and x86 reader/writer programs for interacting with third-party Modbus devices or for building your own.

Unlike using bare bones Modbus libraries directly, the software generates a thin, strongly-typed portable interface that decouples caller’s code from the details of data encoding, pointer arithmetic and other error-prone logic.


  • Generates portable API and reader/writer programs from a model
  • Uses static memory allocation
  • Enables configuration of data and code footprint
  • Supports configurable, portable logging
  • Allows signed/unsigned 16-, 32-, 64-bit integer and double data types
  • Complies with Modbus RTU standard
  • Provides serial I/O device drivers


  • x86 - MacOS, Linux
  • STM32 - STM32F103
  • AVR - ATmega168, ATmega328p, ATmega1280, ATmega2560